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I liked this recipe, because I was just able to slam it together. I added a can of Muir Glen Fire roasted tomatoes at the same time as the chicken broth and clam broth, after sauteeing the veggies. I just sauteed them all together, adding the potatoes after a bit. Simmering everything now...and oh, I'm just using canned baby clams, will add them once the brothy part is done. So, sue me. This is a great recipe with the right flavors, and even someone like me can make a great clam chowder!

Marc C.

I use this recipe, minus the clams, for fish chowder. Just prepare the chowder without clams and add diced fish in the last 3 to 5 minutes. Striped bass works best but I have used scallops and shrimp too.

Len from Sonoma

Wonderful chowder.
As good as the old Lundy's in Sheepshead Bay.
Add 1/2 pound chopped clams, if your fish market carries them.
Makes the chowder very luxurious.


I never add the green pepper. Its bitterness dominates the taste of the entire dish. Otherwise, it's my favorite chowder recipe.


My spouse is allergic to shell fish. I substituted porcici mushrooms and used vegtable broth. Results were great.


Was really good with these substitutes: 2 (5 oz) cans of baby clams, 8 oz bottled clam juice and about 1 1/2 C of chicken stock for the base. Skipped the bacon, green pepper and celery since I didn't have any of it and subbed celery salt and Old Bay. Delish!


Well, yeah, that's what Wikipedia says about chowder but it's not true. Manhattan clam chowder wasn't invented last week or 50 years ago. In fact, the original NE clam chowder didn't contain any dairy or roux. Cf. Fanny Farmer's 1803 cookbook. Clams, onion, potatoe, salt pork and a buerre manie. The milk came much later. Now it's akin to wallpaper paste.

Marilyn Armbruster

Great recipe. The flavor matures and improves on the second day. Next time, I will prepare the chowder the day before serving if at all possible. We don't eat bacon, so, to make up for its absence, some adjustments were made. Cooked vegetables in 2 tblsp unsalted butter, instead of bacon fat. In step 6, I added hot smoked paprika and kosher salt to taste.

John Andrechak

my father would take me to a hole-in-wall bar in the near north side of Chicago in the early seventies; we both worked at CMH, a graphics art house at Wells and Wacker and would walk across the Chicago River;; great martinis, I had to believe him, I was 17; the Manhatten chowder's signature ingredient was okra; spoiled me; I have since always felt New England Chowder was a poor excuse


Very, very good recipe. I added 10 sprigs of fresh thyme and punched it up some more with ~a tsp of dried. This must sit, cool and get reheated to taste best. Wise to remove "intestinal tract" before chopping clams.


Made this as a fish chowder (cod and shrimp) and no pork due to my pescetarians. Instead of parsley I chopped cilantro stems finely and the leaves coarsely and added with the broth. This added a wonderful richness to the soup. I'll definitely make again.


Years ago, Mimi Sheraton (pretty sure she was the author) wrote an article about Manhattan clam chowder claiming that one of the essential ingredients was thyme - She was absolutely right.


used half the tomatoes and thought it was great. Also used fish stock not clam juice. Bought frozen clams from my fishmonger--much better than canned and didn't bother with fresh quahog steps. Huge success with my family


I added a pinch of old bay seasoning,smoked paprika and some hickory salt..


Awesome flavor. We like things spicy so added chili flakes.


I never follow a recipe to the T, turned out pretty good.


Similar to my mother-in-law’s recipe. She adds marjoram after all the vegetables are cooked. It is very good.


Good stuff. Sub diced fennel bulb for celery and ground chorizo for bacon, sweet potato for Youkon Golds. Carry on.

Charlie A.

I’ve been making this for years exactly as written. It’s cold and rainy spring day up here in Western New York. I made it, and I have served it with warmed up ciabatta bread. It was perfect.


Loved it. Added fish and shrimp. Will make again


I can't agree more with Eleanor. Green pepper gives a flavor that you either love or hate...I think the bay leaf and thyme are very important. I add two cups of chopped greens (e.g., amaranth, chard) to the soup toward the end. It adds that herbal note that parsley does with significant nutritional value as well.

john anderson

go easy on the red pepper flakes...


Great recipe. It is difficult to mess this one up. I always have a problem browning bacon in my crock pot so I bake it for about 15 minutes at 375 degrees on a tinfoil lined baking sheet, then pur the grease from the sheet into the crock pot to start the recipe. Watch the bacon so it doesn't cook too much.


Made without butter oil or bacon. Used 2 6oz cans of whole baby clams (did not mince), 4 x 8 oz bottles clam juice. No water or other broth. Large can tomatoes. Fresh thyme and parsley Liked it slot. So did gary


Delicous although too salty with salt pork. I would use bacon the next time.


This chowder is delicious! I made it with the salt pork but next time would just use bacon. Hopefully that would result in a less salty soup. Also, good with mussels too.


Omitted clams.Omitted bell pepperAdded a few Serrano Chili’s to the veggiesSautéed in pancetta fat butterAdded cumin, chipotle & Ancho chili powders, oreganoAdded tomatoes for 40 minutes Added fish brothThen potatoes salt, pepperOnce soft, added 1lb cubed cod, 8oz crab meat, more saltAdding frozen shrimp as I reheat so they don’t overcookLet all sit in fridge overnight REALLY good. Gumbo vibes. Mexican profile is great


Omitted clamsOmitted bell pepper but added two Serrano. ChiliSauté veggies in pancetta fat and butter; add cumin, ancho, chipotle chili, oregano, bayAdd tomatoes for 40 minutes; then fish stock, potatoes; when softened add 1lb cod cubed, 8oz crabmeat and then shrimp as I reheat; refrigerate overnight then eat! Mexican gumbo vibes. Very tasty.


Omitted clams


go easy on thyme. plus, this isn't as good as it looks

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Manhattan Clam Chowder Recipe (2024)


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