How to complete Fortnite Quests in Season 3 of Chapter 5 (2024)

How to complete Fortnite Quests in Season 3 of Chapter 5 (1)

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The Fortnite quests have gone through a bit of a reshuffle this week, and while the Metallica quests have now concluded there are a new set of Magneto quests for Battle Pass owners, which you can worth through to unlock the Master of Magnetism and a selection of cosmetics to go with him. Of course, we still have the first three parts of the ongoing Story quests to complete and progress through the scripted storyline, with another section arriving next week. Beside all of that there's a lot going on outside of the battle royale, so make sure you visit the separate experiences of Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival to see what else they have on offer.

Don't overlook these assignments, as they provide a significant amount of additional XP during Fortnite Season 3 to speed up your progress through the Battle Pass. Alongside the Nitro Wasteland Stories Snapshot storyline quests, you can take on Jumpstart quests showcasing the fresh mechanics introduced this season, plus the returning Daily quests, overall progress quests (Milestones), and classic Weekly quests providing plenty of different options.

The Week 6 quests see you using the Tow Hook Cannon once again to attach yourself to a vehicle, as well as knocking back vehicles using the recently added Heavy Impact Sniper Rifle. You'll also need to mod weapons at a Mod Bench which you'll find in Fortnite Weapons Bunkers, and capture the Loot Island or a Storm Forecast Tower so watch out for those spawning near you.

There are certain Fortnite quests that will get ticked off through natural gameplay and don't require attention, but we're here to help with the ones that need specific knowledge or actions to clear. Completing quests is a lot easier these days now we no longer rely on Fortnite characters to distribute them, so if you want to know what you need to do for that sweet XP boost, then check out the quests section of the main menu – or the pause menu – and you'll find them all clearly laid out, with the option to track your progress on a specific challenge. Keep completing quests and you'll earn massive amounts of XP across the entire Fortnite season so you can unlock fresh rewards – and who doesn't want that? Here's everything we know about the latest Fortnite quests.

Fortnite Quests - Fortnite Reload

How to complete Fortnite Quests in Season 3 of Chapter 5 (2)

Fortnite Reload quests are linked to the game mode that dropped on June 22, featuring tight action on a compact map featuring OG locations. These are the Fortnite quests in this category:

  • Thank the Bus Driver (5)
  • Deal damage to enemy players (5,000)
  • Outlast players (500)
  • Complete Reload Daily Quests (12)
  • Acquire Accolades (10)
  • Collect items (25)
  • Collect or spend Bars (500)
  • Assist or eliminate enemy players (25)
  • Travel distance after exiting the Battle Bus (5,000)
  • Survive Storm Circles (25)

Fortnite Quests - Magneto

How to complete Fortnite Quests in Season 3 of Chapter 5 (3)

Fortnite Magneto quests are tied into the Battle Pass for this season, which features the Leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants as an unlockable skin along with a selection of related cosmetic items. These Fortnite quests were unlocked on July 2 and are as follows:

Page 1

  • Visit Fortnite Weapon X Lab (1)
  • Collect Fortnite Magneto Power (1)
  • Travel distance in the air with Magneto Power equipped (300)
  • Hit vehicles using Magneto Power (10)
  • Complete Page 1 Quests (3)

Page 2 (complete Page 1 Quests to unlock)

  • Eliminate opponents with Magneto Power (5)
  • Block hits using the Magneto Power (200)
  • Damage opponents from one story above or higher (2,000)
  • Configure Rift Beacons (3)
  • Complete Page 2 Quests (3)

Fortnite Quests - Jumpstart

How to complete Fortnite Quests in Season 3 of Chapter 5 (4)

Fortnite Jumpstart quests are an initial offering to introduce new locations and features found in Season 3, so it's worth checking them out to get a better understanding of what's happening. The Fortnite quests in this category are:

  • Mod a vehicle with a Machine Gun Turret or Grenade Launcher Turret (1)
  • Repair vehicle damage with a Service Station (500)
  • Pass through a Flaming Boost Hoop (3)
  • Collect a Fortnite Medallion (1)
  • Damage opponents while infused with Nitro (200)
  • With Nitro Fists perform an Uppercut then land with an Air Punch (1)
  • Step into a Fortnite Oasis Pool and the Nitrodrome (2)
  • Accept a Fortnite Wastelander Challenge (1)
  • Open Collections and view Fortnite Accolades (1)

Fortnite Quests - Story

How to complete Fortnite Quests in Season 3 of Chapter 5 (5)

Fortnite Story quests are replacing the Snapshot storylines from last season, leading players through a narrative journey to expand on the current lore. These Fortnite quests will unlock in stages over time, and those available now are:

Part 1 - Welcome To The Wasteland

  • Talk to Hope and Jones (2)
  • Damage opponents while boosting in vehicles (100)
  • Destroy objects or structures while infused with Nitro (100)
  • Install Vehicle Mods (4)
  • Search containers at Wasteland Landmarks (10)
  • Collect surveillance devices at different Wasteland locations (6)

Part 2 - Raiding The Rig

  • Get intel from Brite Raider and Rust (2)
  • Collect a security card from guards at Redline Rig (1)
  • Upload data to Hope from Terminals at Redline Rig (3)
  • Destroy structures at Megalo Depot or Brutal Beachhead (20)
  • Damage opponents at Megalo Depot or Brutal Beachhead (500)
  • Steal the Pandora Gem at Brutal Beachhead (1)
  • Deliver the Pandora Gem to Hope (1)

Part 3 - Enter The Nitrodrome

  • Enter the Nitrodrome (1)
  • Damage opponents or hostile vehicles with vehicle mounted weapons (500)
  • Steal a boss medallion or hijack a boss vehicle (1)
  • Jump through a flaming hoop while boosting in a vehicle (1)
  • Collect the Pandora Gem at the Nitrodrome (1)
  • Deliver the Pandora Gem to Hope (1)

Part 4 - Pea Bois Inc. (available from July 9)

  • TBC

Fortnite Quests - Daily

How to complete Fortnite Quests in Season 3 of Chapter 5 (6)

Fortnite Daily quests are back to replace the previous Match quests, so instead of choosing a quest at the start of each match you'll just have three fixed daily challenges to complete. As before, there is a 15K XP bonus for each of the first three Daily quests you complete in every 24 hour cycle. There are currently also Reload Daily quests, which can only be completed in that game mode.

Fortnite Quests - Weekly

How to complete Fortnite Quests in Season 3 of Chapter 5 (7)

Fortnite Weekly quests have settled back into their original format, and they will stick around until the end of the season instead of expiring after seven days, though it looks like they've been cut down from six to five per block. There are no bonus trials, but you can take on all assignments for each week as soon as they become available. These are the Fortnite quests in this category:

Week 0

  • Fully refuel or repair a vehicle (1)
  • Deal explosive damage to opponents (250)
  • Visit Redline Rig, Brutal Beachhead, and Nitrodrome (3)
  • Destroy objects while in a vehicle (150)
  • Travel distance while boosting (2,000)

Week 1

  • Restore health or gain shields with Slurp Cactus (300)
  • Eliminate players using a weapon with a scope mod (3)
  • Damage opponents with Nitro Fists (400)
  • Defeat Megalo Don, The Machinist, or Ringmaster Scarr (3)
  • Enter a car from the roof (1)

Week 2

  • Travel distance over water while infused with Nitro (400)
  • Damage players with pistols (500)
  • Recover health or gain shields in an Oasis Pool (150)
  • Drive or ride in Megalo Don's Behemoth, The Machinist's Lockjaw, Ringmaster Scarr's Lockjaw, or a War Bus (1)
  • Mod a vehicle with a Cow Catcher or a Spiked Bumper (2)

Week 3

  • Repair a vehicle with the Repair Torch (1)
  • Destroy Nitro Barrels with a vehicle (10)
  • Restore health (200)
  • Eliminate Wasteland Guards or Bosses (15)
  • Collect Bars from eliminated players (300)

Week 4

  • Jam at a named location (1)
  • Apply Mods to different vehicles (3)
  • Deal damage to or take damage from a Warbus (250)
  • Collect Rare or better items (30)
  • Damage opponents with the Fortnite Tri-Beam Laser Rifle (1,000)

Week 5

  • Use Nitro Splash in a vehicle (3)
  • Damage opponents while in a vehicle (200)
  • Emote while attached with a Tow Hook Cannon (1)
  • Collect weapons from eliminated opponents (10)
  • Damage players using Epic or better weapons (500)

Week 6

  • Travel distance while attached to a vehicle with a Tow Hook Cannon (250)
  • Knockback vehicles with Heavy Impact Sniper Rifle (3)
  • Mod weapons at a Mod Bench (4)
  • Capture Loot Island or a Storm Forecast Tower (3)
  • Collect ammo (1,500)

Fortnite Quests - Milestones

How to complete Fortnite Quests in Season 3 of Chapter 5 (8)

Fortnite Milestones quests have reverted back to their original format, where you have a list of ongoing tasks split over 20 stages and a 5K XP reward for each stage you complete. As each stage has the same target, I'll just list the initial requirement and total you'll reach to complete Stage 20. The Fortnite quests in this category are as follows:

  • Thank the Bus Driver (10 > 200)
  • Eliminate Enemy Players (25 > 500)
  • Damage Opponents (5,000 > 100,000)
  • Complete Daily Quests (6 > 120)
  • Travel Distance in a vehicle (5,000 > 100,000)
  • Outlast Players (750 > 15,000)
  • Survive Storm Circles (25 > 500)
  • Acquire Accolades (50 > 1,000)
  • Collect or Spend Bars (1,000 > 20,000)
  • Complete Fortnite SHADOW Briefings (3 > 60)

Fortnite Quests - Survivor

How to complete Fortnite Quests in Season 3 of Chapter 5 (9)

Fortnite Survivor quests involve outlasting opponents, while also notching up eliminations to hit the minimum requirements and work towards unlocking Prized Llama back blings. Full details are in this Fortnite Survivor Medals guide.

Fortnite Quests - Ranked

How to complete Fortnite Quests in Season 3 of Chapter 5 (10)

Players are rewarded for completing certain numbers of the Fortnite Ranked quests that are presented while playing matches in that mode, but there are also additional cosmetic awards for surviving Storm Circles in ranked matches. These initially unlock in multiples of 10 Storm Circles survived up to 50, then continue in multiples of 20 all the way up to 150, for a total of ten additional rewards.

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